Green screen effect Adobe Premiere Pro

How to remove green screen croma key effects in Adobe Premiere Pro video editing application ..

What you learned: Green screen effect

  • In this adobe premiere pro video editing tutorial, You will learn how to remove a green screen
  • Now create a new sequence.
  • Go to the effects panel open the video effects folder and inside the keying folder.
  • Go to the ultra key effect simply drag this onto the video clip.
  • And head over to the effects control panel we should see the ultra key effect pop up and all the parameters that we can adjust and the main one being the key color so you can choose to keep any color.
  • Whether you have a blue screen or green screen or you’re just keying out something in the video.
  • but in this case, we’re going to use green actually just going to use my ink dropper tool to select kind of the exact shade of green throughout this lighting and press okay.
  • Now you should see the green screen basically disappear.
  • if you do need to do any other clean-up if you have some shadows or not perfect lighting you can simply drop down the matte generation options and you can adjust things about the shadow highlights and tolerance amount so if you did have some slight adjustment that you needed to do.
  • Just to take into account for lighting you can do that and the tolerance as well if you have lots of varieties of green.
  • You can increase the tolerance to pick it all up more and although it’s showing black that’s just the default way because there’s nothing.
  • Drag whatever type of graphics photos or other video clips underneath and we get the functionality of our green screen effect working pretty well.
  • So it’s important to shoot your video in good lighting with a clean green screen you’ll make your job much easier but that’s basically the simple method on how to remove and use green screens in adobe premiere pro.