Flicker transitions Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro

How to make flicker transitions effect in adobe premiere pro video editing for cinematic level..

What you learned: flicker transitions effect

  • The above shows you how to make flicker transitions inside the premiere pro
  • first, import your music and footage to the timeline
  • then you need to look at the audio waveform properly
  • let’s see where my music flicker started so as you can see my music flickering
  • now you will cut my clip one by one frame
  • use the right arrow key to move the time indicator one frame forward or you can cut two or three frames so it totally depends on your music beat.
  • when the cut finished then just delete one frame and leave one frame
  • now move to the second one mark all these clips
  • then just move them one track above and select the first cut hold on alt button then drag it down then increase the duration to cover up all the cuts.
  • Now go to the effects tab search for horizontal flip and apply it to this clip
  • now let’s see the preview and it looks so cool to move to the third one
  • Go to the effect controls tab and increase the scale size 200
  • let’s see the final preview
  • so that’s it Flickr effect
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