How to make video grid Effect Adobe Premiere Pro

How to create an video grid Effect in adobe premiere pro video editing for cinematic level

What you learned: video grid Effect in adobe premiere pro,

  • inside premiere working with a sequence with a 16:9 aspect ratio, because this tutorial is based on a 16:9 aspect ratio So, to summarize, if you want to follow along with this tutorial You need the footage with a 16:9 aspect ratio 
  • First, let’s just drag them over to the timeline And in the next step we can start by simply stacking the clips on top of each other.
  • You can do this by dragging an individual video clip to the next available video track on the timeline And, as you can see, they all have different duration but that doesn’t matter.
  • As long as you have 9 clips on top of each other. Okay, next we can fix the difference in resolution. We can do this by selecting all the clips and then right-click and select Scale to Frame Size.
  • This will change all the clips to the size of the sequence, 1920 x 1080, and Scaling is set to 100%.
  • First, we’re going to make all the clips equal in length, And to do this we first need to switch over to the razor tool by clicking the C key, or hit this icon here And then we’re going to cut all the tracks so that they will be just as long as the shortest clip, And then switch back to the Selection tool by clicking on the V key or click the thin icon here, And then select the part that we just cut off.
  • Okay, so now we’ve got 9 stacked clips with equal duration size and aspect ratio Because we’re going to divide 9 videos across the screen, we need to scale the videos down.
  • In a grid with 9 videos we’ve got 3 videos per horizontal row. So 100% width divided by 3 is 33.3% And that is the number that we’re going to use for the Scaling of all our videos.
  • To do this I’m going to select the top video and inside the Effects Control Panel to scale the video down to 33.3% and you can see the result of that right here in the middle.
  • Now going to copy these properties by selecting the motion tab in the Effects Control Panel and then hit CTRL+C to copy it and then select all the videos and paste it with CTRL+V. This will set all the videos to 33.3% Scaling.
  • For the next steps it is important to know that, by default the anchor point is always in the middle of the clip As you can see by this crosshair icon here in the middle.
  • For the first clip this will be 320 by 180 and for the next one 960 by 180, and so on.
  • And in the end, these are the numbers that we’re going to use for a 1080P sequence.
  • Now that we know that, we can simply change the position of each clip with the numbers in the scheme.
  • So for clip number one it will be 320 by 180 And for the next one it will be 960 by 180 And if you like, you could also add some borders too To add these borders, I’ve made a couple of overlay grids Two black, two white and both in different thickness.
  • As you can see, you can simply import them into your Project Panel inside Premiere, And then drag them over to the timeline and place them on top of your clips.
  • In the final part of this tutorial I’m going to show you how you can easily replace one of the clips in the video grid.
  • Here, inside the Project Panel I’ve got another clip that I didn’t use for the video grid. We’re going to double click on the video and this will open in the source monitor.
  • Now we can select a video on the timeline that we would like to replace. Let’s say that we want to replace the video in the left top corner.
  • Then you need to right click on the video track and go to Replace With Clip and then select Source Monitor. And as you can see, the clip is now replaced including all the Position and Scaling properties And that also concludes this tutorial.
  • I hope you enjoyed it, and if you did then please, like the video or leave a comment below.