Luma Fade Transition Effect Adobe premiere pro

how to create Luma Fade transition effects in Adobe Premiere Pro video editing using a free preset...

What you learned: luma fade transition effect

  • How to use Luma Fade Transition Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro Video editing.
  • Download the zip file
  • Open file explorer goes to a local disk file on your computer or laptop and saves it.
  • Now unzip the Downloaded file
  • Go To effect panel
  • Click the present option and Right-click Import the Luma fade transition template
  • Template link is given in description download 
  • Click which video colour you want to change then click the video clip 
  • Type go to the lumetri colour panel And click the Colour wheels and match
  • Click the comparison view
  • you can see the difference between 2 Video clips color 
  • Apply color wheel matches effect 
  • You can see the two clips automatically changed colors 
  • unselect the comparison view 
  • add the transition effect Type
  • select the video clip 1 and Drag and drop 2 video layer 2
  • select video clip 1 and cut the end of the clip 24 frames
  • drag the video clip 2 and go To where you cut in video layer 1.
  • Now Preview the video file, now you can see how to luma fade transition works.
  • That’s it.
  • Now you have understood how to use the Luma fade transition effect in Adobe Premiere Pro Video editing.
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