Animation effect in Adobe Premiere Pro

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What you learned: 2.5D Animation effect in Premiere Pro

    • Import, find your image, then drag it on top of the prevailing one within the timeline.
    • Drag the first image from the to the V3 track on the timeline.
    • Animate the foreground:
    • confirm the foreground layer is chosen and drag the playhead to the start of the timeline.
    • Open the consequences Controls panel 
    • Set the Position values into  960 and 862.5.
    • Click the stopwatch icon next to Scale and set the worth to 100 therefore the image starts at full size.
    • Drag the playhead to the top of the timeline and set the size to 106 to make the subsequent keyframe.
    • Scrub the play head back and forth to ascertain how the foreground image appears to grow and shrink.
    • Animate the background:
    • Select the landscape layer.
    • Move the playhead to the first of the timeline.
    • Set the Scale to 100.
    • Move the play head to the top of the timeline.
    • Set the Scale to 93.
    • Scrub the play head back and forth to ascertain how the foreground and background change in reference to one another.
    • Extra STEP – Hide a video green screen:
    • Drag the clip between the landscape and foreground layers on the timeline.
    • Click the Clouds layer to select it.
    • The clip extends past the 2 images on the timeline. To fix this, hover at the top of the clip until you see the red marker and drag to shorten the clip.
    • within the Effect Controls panel, set the Opacity to 70%.
    • In the Effects panel double-click the Ultra Key effect to apply the effect to the Clouds clip.
    • Find the Ultra Key effect within the Effects Controls.
    • Click the eyedropper tool icon, and click on the green in the Program Monitor to hide green and show the landscape layer.
    • Finally, click the Play button below the Program Monitor to preview your video.
    • That’s it.